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Thursday, October 31
[ From Jeff Cooper, an intriguing fella ] :

Strange Bedfellows

As further evidence that even bitter rivals can put aside hostility when there's money to be made, Dell Computer is now selling an Apple product in its online store. Or as the Mercury News puts it, "Dude, you're getting an iPod!"

Wednesday, October 30
Tyler reminds me that I still haven't caught a viewing of Michael Moore's latest movie, Bowling for Columbine:

Moore touches dozens of topics in his two-hour film, but the one theme that runs throughout the movie is Americans' fear of themselves. Fear of strangers, fear of neighbors, fear of family members, fear of other races....fear of everything and everyone. from the Oct. 29th entry

Unlike Tyler, I have no sympathy for Charlton Heston and his right-wing rhetoric/racism (same difference).

Tuesday, October 29
Thanks Jason! I really need stress and hate and stupidity in my life right now.

Monday, October 28
I plan to overhaul this site soon. Among the changes to come will be updated links to other bloggers. Ray Garraud's CitiBlog will definitely be one of them.

I love his recent To Tell The Truth post. Maybe I'll add something to it soon. (Not likely I'm in a lazy mood right now and have so much more work that needs to be completed.)

The Star-Tribune (MN) has a memorial page for deceased U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone.

Rediscovering Keith Boykin is life-affirming. Yes, life-affirming!

More to come after a late breakfast and coffee.

Bad design skills made me post the above and subsequent post (re: Paul Wellstone) to the Central Park 5 blog. Corrected and moving away from my iMac shortly.