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Friday, November 15

Moving on: { Central Park 5 }

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Friday, November 8

[ From The Village Voice Features ] :

Marked as the Enemy by Dasun Allah

"This is like my first interview and I'm really reluctant," says Richardson, now 28. "I really don't trust reporters at all. It's taken me a while to really get used to people. I want to reach out to supporters I think are true and will really give the right word out because we've been tricked so much."

Also read Rivka Gewirtz Little's Across 110th Street, a heart-breaking profile that details the Central Park 5's trials and tribulations and how it has effected their families.

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Tuesday, October 29

[ From Jason (because I don't have enough stress and anger in my life) ] :

Ann Coulter proves once again she's a clueless hussy:

[I]t was only a matter of time before the criminal defense lobby would turn to the 1989 wilding attack in Central Park. The current baby seals of the "exoneration" racket are the feral beasts who raped, brutalized and nearly murdered a female jogger.

Strictly adhering to formula, the defense bar has produced a shocking confession from a criminal who -- coincidentally -- can no longer be prosecuted for the attack. Matias Reyes now claims he alone raped the jogger.

Amazingly, this barbaric crime is a good target for a baseless "exoneration." The savages have served their time, the victim remembers nothing, and no one cares as much as the anti-death penalty fanatics. In fact, the Manhattan district attorney himself adamantly opposes the death penalty. With little cost, he can look bold and honest by overturning the jury verdicts.

It's not worth my time (not to mention my sanity) to deal with her obvious lies and distortions of facts. I'll trounce each of her points Tuesday night.

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Monday, October 28

Bob Slade mentioned The Central Park Jogger 5 Information Page on KISS-FM's "Week in Review" program last night. I haven't had adequate time to read extensively, but if Slade, James Mtume, Bob Pickett, Charles "The Cut Man" Etheridge, and Peter Noel endorsed it, they must be progressive and informative.

I just wish they'd drop the "jogger" part of the name as it's all about getting justice for the 5 young men framed.

12:47 PM - Just remembered that Charles Etheridge, III doesn't support the above page and actually thinks it's counter-productive (i.e. supports elements in the Black community that don't deserve support and wastes energy better suited for positive elements). Also, the "information page" just contains one page with a link to a downloadable pdf file for a petition. Here's hoping that much more will be added in a timely fashion.

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[ From Ray Garraud's comments posted on my blog ]

The New York Daily News practices "collusion" with this bulls—t article. Anonymous sources, medical advice given without the benefit of studying the jogger's medical reports from that time and an obvious plant from (a) pro-conviction supporter(s).

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Sunday, October 27

Protestors are following Jimmy Breslin's advise, somewhat. There's a protest planned at the new (super-sized, boisterious, theatre-themed) 42nd Street McDonald's. They'll also be protests in front of Trump Plaza, but Trump apparentely likes that type of attention.

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Friday, October 25

Another Day, Another Shocking Admission

NY Times: Hair Evidence in Jogger Case Is Discredited

"You can't say `match,' " Mr. Petraco said. "It's impossible. You could never say it `matched.' It's ridiculous."

Persecutor Elizabeth Lederer went out of her way to link Richardson and Lopez to the jogger; In doing so, she went beyond the DA's hair expert and indeed, knowingly mistated the evidence.

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Thursday, October 24

I posted a link some time ago about Appeals Court Judge Vito Titone's lone dissenting opinion in Yusef Salaam's failed petition to have his conviction thrown out. Thankfully Jimmy Breslin wrote about it recently in his Newsday column so I don't have to track it down:

Herewith is the lone dissenting opinion of Judge Vito Titone of the State Court of Appeals on the appeal of Yusef Salaam, one of five youths convicted of raping and badly beating a young woman who was running through Central Park on the night of April 19, 1989. Titone's opinion, written in 1993, suddenly is of overwhelming significance today and therefore I read and report it to you promptly and thus prominently.

He also wrote a scathing piece about Donald Trump’s racist, inflammatory ads at the time of the media hype:

Trump was seen yesterday on television in McDonald's commercials. Here he is, dead on the screen, with hair of swirled cement and strange color, and with a bad chin. That's up to the director. But his record shows he ran full-page newspaper ads that inflamed a city over race when the jogger was attacked. If McDonald's likes its Trump commercials then send them a message. Stay out.

posted by ronn taylor | 10/24/2002 07:55:25 PM

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