Amazon info page for Still Obsessed entry | 17 Jan 2003

Six Easy Pieces

Walter Mosley's latest book. A collection of stories with characters and settings from his Eazy Rawlings mystery series. I haven't read it yet, but I've heard nothing but good things about this work.

Gone Fishin'

A prequel of sorts. Details the late teen years of Ezekiel Rawlings and his psychopathic sidekick Mouse. Showcases the literary side of Mosley.

Rl's Dream

Speaking of literary, this is a dream of a book. Very literary, relevant and full characters you'll fall in love with and will most definitely remember.

Black Betty

OK, I'm beating a dead horse to death. This is the most (altogether now) literary work in the Eazy Rawlings series. I love, love, love this book. It's almost not a part of the series. It's the anti-A Red Death.

Bad Boy Brawly Brown

The latest in the Eazy Rawlings mystery series. Inside info: The original title was suppose to be "Bad Boy Bobby Brown" but it was changed for obvious reasons.

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